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Average Efficiency

At least 30 MPG Highway

MPG is important, but not the most important.


How many miles per gallon the car gets.

The most important factor of efficiency is: Highway MPG.


Average Performance

0-60 ~7 seconds or faster.

Not particularly fast, not particularly slow.


How fast & sporty the car is.

The most important factor of performance is: Horsepower.


Above Average

Mid-size sedans and compact SUVs.

Below Average

Small sedans & mid-to-large coupes.


How big the car is.

The most important factor of size is: Overall Size.


Average Quality and Better

Standard equipment is standard.

Not too luxurious, not too sparse.


How well built the car is based on overall quality, reliability, and design.

The most important factor of Quality is Overall Quality.

${No Min}-$30,000

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From all the numerous automakers, there are literally hundreds of cars with multiple combinations per car, which make for thousands of possibilities - so many that it is impossible to keep up with them all.

This website will help you quickly and easily find and compare makes and models of cars, together in one place with unbiased results. Move the slider to your needs and our technology will do the rest. Adjust the sliders on the results page to further refine your cars or to view additional similar cars.

We hope we can help you find the best car for you during your buying process, and maybe even offer some options you may not have known about before!